Looking to spend more time catching up with your friends, or make new ones, in a fun and healthy environment?

The Builders Club have a variety of sporting clubs perfect for you!

For individual sporting club joining fees and more information, please call our friendly reception staff.


Ladies & Gents Lawn Bowls take place at the Wiseman Park Bowling Club on alternate Sunday’s each month.

We also host Mixed Indoor Bowls here at the Club in our specialty room on Wednesday’s at 9:45am, Saturday’s at 12:45pm and a Saturday morning session at 10am.


Hosted in the Oasis Room, the Club operates Bridge on Monday’s at 7pm, Wednesday’s at 10am and Friday’s at 10:15am.

Free Bridge lessons are conducted Saturday’s at 1pm.


Held at various Golf Clubs across the Illawarra, Club Golf runs once a month on a Sunday for the men, and for the ladies once a month on a Saturday.


The Builders Club has Snooker and Billiards tables available for member’s use everyday.

A six ball competition is held in the Billiards Room on the last Friday of every month.